Membership Form

You may join the Sandusky River Valley Beekeepers Association by paying membership dues of $20.00/family.  You do not need to own bees to join - just have an interest in the welfare of bees.  The newsletter will be e-mailed to you at no cost.  Please print off this form, complete it and mail check and form to:      Linda Miller, 233 E. Grant St., Clyde, OH 43410

We only accept checks made out to: Sandusky River Valley Beekeepers Association.

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First Name____________________ Last Name_____________________              Membership  $20.00

If family - additional names____________________________________             


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Phone number _____________________ Cell______________________

Email address________________________________________________

This information will never be shared with others.  All information is confidential.

Membership dues can be done at any meeting (First Monday of the month at regular meeting or mail form and your check to the above address.